About The Artist

WELCOME To Ike’s Creations. Please feel free to browse the galleries and let your imagination take charge. These are photos of projects that I have completed for others, yours can be similar or a variation that fits your taste and space.

Dennis Eichers, aka “IKE” was born in 1955 in what then was known as the brewing and manufacturing capitol of the world, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Growing up he always displayed a keen interest in nature and wildlife. Ike kept his family and friends entertained with an ever changing collection of insects, reptiles, birds and dogs.

After graduating from high school, Ike pursued his interest in wildlife while earning a degree in Biology from UW-Milwaukee. After working several years at the Milwaukee Public Museum and other odd jobs he decided to take his career in another direction. In 1978 Ike started a 5 year apprenticeship as a Sheet Metal Worker and recently retired from that profession to pursue his art career.

With many varied interests and curiosities Ike was and still is a regular at the local technical schools, taking courses in welding, metal fabrication, woodworking, air brush painting and even private pilot classes.

It wasn’t long before Ike decided to combine his interest in wildlife with his skills in wood working and metal fabricating into a hobby creating art. While most of his creations have some sort of wildlife theme, not all do as he has expanded his exploitation into abstract and contemporary forms.

“Not all of my creations turn out as I first imagined but then I just have to imagine that is how it was meant to be” -IKE-

Just because it is a commissioned piece or customized art does not mean it has to be “expensive”. Steel prices, type of steel, wood or stone incoporated into the piece all determine the final cost.

Most pieces that are pictured in the gallery are for sale or can be recreated in any size, gauge and customized to your liking.

If you see anything of interest or want to discuss a design you have in mind please email me at tnbndr@att.net